Aspinwall High School Class of 1955

September 4-5, 2015
by Margerie Morcom Hartsock

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On September 4, 2015, our AHS class of '55 celebrated our 60th reunion at the Baja Grille overlooking the Allegheny River, Pittsburgh. We wished more of our class had been able to come for the dinner that night and for the picnic on Saturday. Those of us who have been getting together most years for the 10 years since our 50th were: Shirley Brusco and her friend Tom Hartman; Gene Consolo and his wife Laura; Bob Ferris and his friend Sue; Bob Grimes and his wife Marlene; Sally Bollinger Greulich; Rege Kane and his wife Mary; Salli Hamre Lodge and husband Buzz; Margie Morcom Hartsock and husband Bob; John McRandal and his friend Julie Mikus; and Bob Racki and wife Norma. We were especially happy to see a few who had not attended since our 50th: Adrienne Soost Rodewald came in from Pennington, N.J., Carol Zoerb King came from Brewster, Mass., Don Swaim and his wife Elizabeth came from Chalfont, PA, and Lowie Frauenholz and his friend Mary came all the way From Mackay, Idaho, for the second year in a row. We also welcomed some who graduated both before us and behind us. Three of those who had been with us most of the years since the 50th died recently and were greatly missed this year. They were Shirley Newcamp Pantano, wife of Tim Pantano; Tom Greulich, husband of Sally Bollinger Greulich; and Will Gertner, husband of Betty Erwin Gertner.
After having such a successful 50th, we decided to keep the 60th casual and low key. We had a decorated cake and some photos of all of us displayed. Gene Consolo presented all of the '55 group with really nice maroon and white ballcaps embroidered with AHS '55 Cavaliers. Gene and Jack Thomas hatched this idea, but unfortunately Jack didn't get up from Louisiana for the first time in years, but we all thank both Gene and Jack for the great souvenir.

The picnic on Saturday was well attended with good weather, good food, and good friends. Two of the class of '55 came to the picnic, who had not been with us on Friday: Milt Ertel and Nancy Humes Hannigan. I was concerned that Ade Soost Rodewald and Don Swaim might be disappointed that we hometown people had not made our 60th more special, but thanks to Bob Grimes and his wife Marlene, Don and Elizabeth got to revisit lots of the area. Ade and her brother, Jack had a full agenda of people to visit with.

Bob Hartsock, Sally Bollinger Greulich, Jack Soost

Adrienne Soost Rodewald, Marge Morcom  Hartsock

Bob and Marlene Grimes

Jack Handyside, Gene and Laura Consolo

Rege and Mary Kane

Bob and Jan McQuaid

Bob and Norma Racki

John McRandal, Julie Mikus

Lowell and Mary Frauenholz

Shirley Brusco, Tom Hartman

Jan McQuaid, Carol Zoerb King

Piece of cake -- with Gene Consolo

Joe Lamperski, Judy Forester

Don and Elizabeth Swaim

Marge Morcom Hartsock, Salli Hamre Lodge

Bob and Sue Ferris

The Picnic, Squaw Valley Park

The Picnic, Squaw Valley Park

The Picnic, Squaw Valley Park

Picnic: Gene & Laura Consolo, Judy Forester

Picnic: Don Swaim, Bob Ferris

For about 19 years the three Lodge brothers and their families have pulled together to make the picnic a success for all of us. Now that Joe is asking for someone else to carry on his job, we are hoping someone will step up to carry on all the emailing, etc. If no one volunteers, I'm afraid this year was our last. It would be nice to keep getting together over Labor Day weekend even without the picnic, so shall we try it next year and see who is willing to attend? It has always been a fun get together! --Marge

Thanks to Bob Hartsock, Bob Ferris, Eugene Consolo, and Elizabeth Swaim for the photos
and to Bob Grimes for processing them.