Aspinwall High School Class of 1955

by Eugene Consolo

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The very first Floridian Gathering of the AHS and Pittsburgh Neighbors took place on March 9, 2013 at The Villages of central Florida. Our expected group totaled 42 residents and snow-birds from all around Florida. Only two were not able to make it for medical reasons. We had perfect weather, good food, appropriate refreshments and 40 people ready for a good time.

We had many requests to repeat next year, so it is likely that we will try again with our team of Judi Forester/Pistorius, Rege Kane, Julie Siefried/Dillenburg, Tom Hartman and John Viszlay. Our expected date is the first or second week of March 2014, at The Villages. More information will be provided toward the end of 2013. It was good to renew friendships with those who do not attend the AHS Reunion in Pittsburgh each Aug/Sep. Click on photos to enlarge.

Bill Humes, Carmen Violi, Lisa Hartman, Evelyn Giles/Briggs, Tom Hartman

Judith Zeske, Jane and John Languasco

Tom and Lisa Hartman, Judi Forester/Pistorius, Bill Campbell, Carmen and Winnie Violi

Bill Humes, Carmen Violi, Joyce Kazora/Grant

Bob Ferris, Julie Siefried/Dillenberg, Winnie Violi, Mary Viszlay/Kane, Sonja Peterson/Moline, Rege Kane

Grace Pekins, Mary Viszlay/Kane, Joe Lamperski, Rege Kane

Gene Consolo, Jim Grant, Ed Vogel

Gene Consolo, Candi Eisengart, Julie Siefried/Dillenberg, Jim Eisengart

Nancy Humes/Hannigan, Grace Pekins, Bill Humes

Jim Schlager, Bill Campbell

group shot

Will Gertner, Sandy Viszlay

Dottie Fleming, Tom Giles, Ed Vogel, Ann Vogel

George Miller, Judi Forester/Pistorius, Gene Consolo

Betty Erwin/Gertner, John Viszlay

We were fortunate to have three dedicated people of our group taking pictures so that we could share with all the "Gathering" on the Class of '55 Website. Thanks also goes to Bob Grimes for helping prep the pictures and Don Swaim for his continued dedication to our website.