Aspinwall High School Class of 1955
Aspinwall High School Class of 1955

by Marjorie Morcom Hartsock

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Our class of '55 dinner held the night before the picnic had to be indoors this year as we had a HOT "muggy" evening, but we could still see the Allegheny through a large window. We had a room to ourselves, so it gave us a chance to have a lively conversation. I sat in the middle and was torn between listening to Jack Thomas's funny stories about his, Bob Racki's and the rest of their "gang's" exploits during high school. Who knew? They look so innocent in the yearbook. At the other end of the table I learned that Bob Ferris had established an oil company in the Soviet Union and had spent the better part of 10 years there. During his career he traveled frequently from his home in Mt. Airy of Andy Griffith and Mayberry fame. Bob is just one of the MANY talented people from our class of 119 who have had such interesting lives.

BaJa Grille of the Yacht Club
Another "morsel" gleaned from our conversation was that the rifle team under Miss McCrum's guidance during our time won the state championship! They never missed!

BaJa Grille of the Yacht Club

To our surprise we got a phone call during our dinner and it was Marti (Loresch) Strunk calling to send her good wishes. It's tough for her to get away from her summer rentals of cabins that she & her husband own right at the end of the "high" season in Maine, but she was with us in "spirit." Two others who were with us in "spirit" were Carolyn (McQuaid) Thomas and Marlene (Sams) Woodling, who had gotten together with Gene Consolo in California for lunch just before he came back to Pittsburgh.

This year, to our disappointment, some of the "regulars" were not able to participate in the dinner and picnic, but we had 10 from the class of '55: John Mc Randal with Julie, Jack Thomas, Milt Ertel, Joe Lamperski, Sally (Bollinger) Greulich and husband, Tom, Bob Racki and his wife, Norma, Bob Ferris, Gene Consolo, and me, Margie (Morcom) Hartsock and my husband, Bob. Also we were happy to see Marg Carr who attended the Kerr get together and joined us for the picnic.

L-R: Bob Ferris,Sally (Bollinger) Greulich, John McRandal, Margie (Morcom) Hartsock,Marg Carr, Milt Ertel, Joe Lamperski, Bob Racki, Gene Consolo, and Jack Thomas.

As usual, the Lodge brothers did a fabulous job organizing the picnic and they reported there were 40 more signed up than last year. That included 36 from the last class to graduate from AHS -- 1961 -- as they were celebrating their 50th. It was a scorching day, but there were enough shelters and refreshments to help cool us down & even Miss Kavanagh attended again this year in spite of the heat.

Gene Consolo & brother Ed
As you know, these get togethers always occur over Labor Day weekend, so we hope many of you that we haven't seen since our 50th will make it a point to be with us next year. Hope to see you in 2012!

Love to all, Margie (Morcom) Hartsock