Aspinwall High School Class of 1955

by Eugene Consolo

This year's Friday and Saturday events went very well. Those who attended the Friday night casual event from the Class of '55 were: Bob Ferris, Gene Consolo, Nancy Humes/Hannigan, Cari McQuaid/Thomas, Tom and Sally Bollinger/Greulich, Bob and Marge Morcom/Hartsock, Rege and Mary Vislay/Kane, Norma and Bob Racki, Jack Thomas, Shirley Brusco, John McRandal and Julie, Tom and Shirley Newcamp/Pantano and Buz and Sally Hamre/Lodge. From 1954 Roger and Jan Bailey/McQuaid and Jack Handyside; from 1956 Dee Poff/McLaughlin; and from 1958 Judi Forster/Pistorius.

Shirley Newcamp/Pantano, Dee Poff/McLaughlin, Milton Ertel, Roger McQuaid, Bob Hartsock, Buz Lodge, Bob Racki, Jack Thomas, Judi Forster/Pistorius, Mary Viszlay/Kane, Norma Racki, and Nancy Humes/Hannigan.

Bob Hartsock, Gene Consolo, Marge Morcom/Hartsock, Sally Bollinger/Greulich,
Judi Forster/Pistorius, Roger McQuaid

Jan Bailey/McQuaid, Cari McQuaid/Thomas, Tom Pantano

Bob Racki, Jack Thomas, Shirley Brusco, Judi Forster/Pistorius

Marge Morcom/Hartsock, Cari McQuaid/Thomas, Milt Ertel, Bob Ferris

Wanda Walmsley, Rege Kane, Mary Lou Kier/Cochran, Gene Consolo, Elvira Prologo

Gene Consolo, Joyce Kazora/Grant, Jim Grant

Marge Morcom/Hartsock, Bob Hartsock

Janet Bailey/McQuaid, Wanda Walmsley, Rege Kane, Mary Lou Kier/Cochran, Gene Consolo,
Elvira Prologo, Joyce Kazora/Grant, Jim Grant and Rocco Prologo

Class Picture: Marge Morcom/Hartsock, Milt Ertel, John McRandal, Jack Thomas, Cari McQuaid/Thomas,
Rege Kane, Shirley Brusco, Bob Ferris, Nancy Humes/Hannigan, Gene Consolo, Sally Hamre/Lodge,
Bob Racki, Sally Bollinger/Greulich

Bob Grimes contributed to this report