Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Gene Consolo 1/2/06. I just read the newsletter and it inspired me to write a little recap of last year. As you know, the Volunteers spent a lot a time making ready for our 50th Reunion. Although there was much to do, I enjoyed every minute of participating in that activity. Last April, my wife, Katie, was diagnosed with cancer of the left breast. Over the following months she went through 2 months of Chemo, then 32 treatments of Radiation. Six weeks later, following the 50th Class Reunion, she had a mastectomy and a Tram Flap reconstruction.

Katie faced the entire treatment process like a gladiator entering the ring. And she came out a winner. The last CT Scan was clear and she is now free and we are relieved.

After our Christmas Celebration with our five children and their spouses, our 10 Grandchildren and Katie's 91 year old mother, we put the condo back together, packed the SRX and headed for Florida on the 29th of December. We arrived around 8pm on December 30.

We were physically "out of gas" but very happy to be back on Marco Island. We hope to reside here until early May before we head back to Michigan.

I often think of our reunion and I get a very warm feeling inside. I have been blessed with a wonderful life and a Great Wife and Family. But I was also a member of our Class of '55, that had great people in it that I am proud to call my friends.

I look forward to returning for the 2006 Picnic, and sometime in the near future I think we should consider having a dinner gathering, for those that could make it, the night before the Picnic. I will be glad to help lead the activity.

That's it for now, Don, I hope to see you and many of our Classmates next August.