Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Gene Consolo 7/22/06.

Hi to All,

I just received an email from Jan McQuaid and thought it was time to remind everyone of upcoming events.

Our plan is to have dinner (from the menu and paid individually) on September 1. That is the night before the All Class Picnic on September 2 at Squaw Valley Park.

The dinner will be held at the Holiday Inn RIDC. Cocktails will be at 6:30 and Dinner will be at 7:00. The Attendees and those that cannot attend are as follows:

Yes: Nancy Humes/Hannigan (2), Lee Nix (2), Milton Ertel (2), Bob Artzberger (1), Sally Bollinger/Greulich (2), Jack Thomas (1), Rachel Ravey/Johnson (2), Gene Consolo (2), Bob Racki (2), Marge Morcom/Hartsock (2), Salli Hamre/Lodge (2), Rege Kane (2), Babs Mclaughlin/Monahan (2), Bob Grimes (2), Joan Coco/Powers (2) and Donna Royston/Valley (1). (16 Classmates and 29 in Total)

No: Pat Mueller/Scarborough, Arlene Reitz, Cari McQuaid/Thomas, Lynne Morrison/Young, Jo Lynn Pruitt/Brackett, Bob Ferris, Lee Henry, Lowie Fraunholz, Charlie Perrin, Charlie Kramb, Nancy Hubbell/Gunther, Caroline Rickey/Hughes, Janet Kremer/Popies, Don Swaim, Shirley Negley/Kobert, Thelma Long/Bishop, Sonja Hail/Lancaster, Barry Montgomery, Velma Keller/Hoffner, Adrienne Soost/Rodewald and Betty Irwin/Gertner. (21)

There are six others I do not expect to come due to health. (6)

That leaves another 51 unaccounted for (there are 94 living Classmates). We are working with Janet McQuaid from the Class of '54 to combine our dinner arrangements. This should be a LOT OF FUN.

You should also check-in to our AHS Website ( ) to stay abreast of any dynamics that might be occurring.

If you have any questions send me an email or call me at 248-652-8176 (Landline) or 248-321-2204 (Cell).

See you in September.

Gene Consolo -- email