Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Gene Consolo 4/16/07.

Hello to the AHS Class of 1955,

This short note is a refresher regarding the AHS Annual Picnic for 2007. This is the one time in the year that we all have an opportunity to reenergize old friendships and catch up on the happenings of our classmate friends.

I had, late last year, sent out a note that we might have dinner this year with the class of 1954. Unfortunately, that response was not very strong.

THEREFORE, for those who plan on coming to the Picnic, there will be an informal get together the night before (Friday, August 31) at Silkie's Crows Nest in Sharpsburg (time to be determined). Silkie's has served us well over the past few years.

So please provide me a Bounce-Back of this message and let me know if you plan to attend the Picnic and if you (and a mate) will be at Silkie's the night before. Once we know the number, we can ensure adequate seating at Silkie's.

Also, don't forget to recheck our AHS Website to catch up with the communications from other classmates.

Hope to see you at Silkie's and the Picnic.


PS. Address, phone # and directions to Silkie's will be sent in a separate email along›with another copy of the sign-up sheet for the Picnic.

Gene Consolo -- email