Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Gene Consolo 5/7/07.

Hi to All,

I hope that Spring has finally arrived in your corner of the world.

In my last email to you in the middle of April, I had promised to send out the following:

Silky's Crow's Nest
19th St and River Rd
Sharpsburg, Pa

This is where we will meet on Friday evening (Aug 31), the day before the Picnic. Secondly, I am attaching the AHS Picnic Form for 2007. It is self-explanatory. If you have difficulty opening the attachment, let me know, and I will embed it in the email text for you.

The Classmates that PLAN to come (This method of spelling "plan" means that some could change their minds, as does often happen):

Sally and Tom Greulich
Nancy Humes/Hannigan and Harold
Rachel Ravey/Johnson and Carl
Gene and Katie Consolo
Milt Ertel and Edyth
Jack Thomas and Julie
Adrienne Soost/Rodewald
Bob and Norma Racki
Bob Artzberger
Marge Morcom/Hartsock and Bob
Rege and Mary Kane
Betty Erwin/Gertner and Willie
Salli Hamre/Lodge and Buzz
John McRandal and Julie
Shirley Brusco
Joe and Tillie Thomas
George and Beverly Sheehan
Jack and Roberta Cook

Finally, please let me know if you plan to attend either or both events. I know you all receive this email, but your bounce-back response needs improvement. I have received 18 responses, but I'm still looking for the other 49. It's a pretty simple reply so Come-on and Communicate!!!

Don't forget to check out our website. Just click here: AHS Website

I'm looking forward to your response.

Gene Consolo -- email