Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Gene Consolo 4/29/09

Hi to All. It's been a while, but I'm back.

I am attaching the 2009 AHS Picnic Registration Form [also see below]. If you have trouble printing it from your computer, let me know and I will send you a paper copy.

The Class of '55 always has good attendance at the Annual Picnic. I hope we grow our numbers this year. If those of you who plan to attend would let me know via email, I'll arrange something with our Team in Residence for the Friday evening of September 4, 2009. (The Picnic is Saturday, Sept 5, 2009)

This year I would like to try something different. We continue to have those that receive these emails but don't attend. I would like the rest of us to pick out a couple of those listed below that we have yet to see these long 50+ years and give them a call. This list may not be perfect but it is close. If you need a telephone number, let me know.

Marilyn Brown Justice, Calvin Clyde, Joe Gibbs, Jim King, Carol Linder Zeltner, Barb Moroff Sparks, Jack Otte, Shirley Perrine Dodgens, Caroline Rickey Hughes, Ray Rickley, Marlene Sams Woodling, Al Slater, Luise Wally Lucas, Jim Woomer and Carol Zoerb King.

Those that we don't have email contact with are:

Ben Beal, George Bucha, Rosalie Calderaro McClintock, Edith Collins, Ike Eichner, Carol Greene Moore, Lee Henry, Jim Richardson, Agnes Schettley Graham, and Flo Tomko Nagy.

I have left off a few names because those classmates are not physically able to attend.

You can contact me thru email or by telephone 239-389-2228, 248-652-8176, 248-321-2204 (Cell) or 248-860-5891 (Cell).

Let's get the chatter started and make this the best year yet. Gene Consolo

Incidently, don't forget to check our website. Just click here.