Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Bob Grimes 5/22/08.

We have been busy lately. I am writing this from our daughter's in Longmont, CO. (just north-east of Boulder) It's been hectic the last few weeks. Our daughter, Ingrid, was expecting her first at age 38 and 8 years of marriage. We wanted to be with her for a couple of weeks before her delivery. She was schedule for a c-section on 5/14, so we left Pittsburgh on Wed. 4/30 and missed the bad weather in the plains by making Thursday a very long driving day. We arrived in Longmont around 4PM Friday afternoon. Her husband, Mike, had left for a job in Florida early Friday morning.

Ingrid woke us up at around 6AM on Saturday morning with the news that her water had broken. The hospital is close to their home so there was no panic, but Ingrid had not prepared a bag or anything for the hospital. There was time to make phone calls and get some things together. We went off to the hospital and Mike, in Florida, started to make airline arrangements to get back to Denver. His boss was not happy because he was working for the same group that he had to cancel when is mother became gravely ill.

Everything went great at the hospital and Ingrid delivered by c-section a little after 9AM. Marlene went into the operating room with Ingrid and was the first to hold the new baby -- Lucas Grimes Flannery. Lucas was 7lb 11oz and 20 1/2 in. Mike got to the hospital around 4PM.

We have been busy helping Mike and Ingrid, and I have been getting Ingrid's computer set up with DSL and a web-cam. (This is the first time since we got here that I do not have to run down to the local Panera Bread to get a high speed connection.) We already have a web-cam working at her sister's in SC. We'll be traveling there in September for her first (a girl) after being married for 15 years.

We will be here until mid June, and I expect to get back into "things" when we get back to the burgh.

-- Bob