Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Marjorie Morcom Hartsock 10/27/06.

Dear Classmates,

This is very hard for me to write because Babs [Barbara McLAUGHLIN Monahan] and I were best friends from kindergarten, but by now you know that her bone marrow transplant did not succeed and she died on October 18th. She had a great attitude from the time she received the diagnosis and was grateful for the 6 additional years she had due to recent therapy that worked well for her two previous times. She will be greatly missed by so many! Her three children and her nine beautiful grandchildren were all very close to hr and she and Bill had many friends. The funeral home was filled with flowers and one of granddaughters read a tribute that she had written which was both touching and funny about her grandmother. (Babs would have been pleased) She looked at peace and had a beautiful aqua dress on that she had made herself for one of the weddings. When my father died someone sent me a card that said "The beauty of a good life is forever." and that's the way I feel about Babs.

If you are computer literate you can send condolences by going to:

Or if you wish to send a sympathy card, the address is:

Mr. William Monahan & family
1846 Allison Ave.
Allison Park, PA 15101

Salli and Buzz (Hamre) Lodge and Sally and Tom (Bollinger) Greulich attended the funeral with us and Shirley Brusco and Jack Ferber were able to stop by the funeral home, so at least some of our classmates were able to be there.

My best to all of you,
Margie (Morcom) Hartsock