Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Marjorie Morcom Hartsock 9/19/09.

Hi AHS class of '55,

Once again this year members of the class of '55 got together for dinner on the Friday evening [September 4, 2009] before the annual AHS Saturday picnic. We had a smaller group than we had hoped--only 14 this year--but it was a beautiful evening to get together right beside the Allegheny River & we definitely were "where the action was. " The Baja Grill is really popular on Fridays with music and dancing. Although we had to talk a little louder over the music, we all managed to catch up on each other's news and happenings. Those who attended are in the photos which Bob Grimes and Don Swaim will post on our excellent website. [POSTED BELOW] Attending the dinner were: Will & Betty (Erwin) Gertner, Buzz & Salli (Hamre) Lodge, Tom & Sally (Bollinger) Greulich, Bob and Norma Racki, Joe & Tillie Thomas, Bob and Margie (Morcom) Hartsock, & Milt Ertel and his date, Erma.

We were also lucky to have a beautiful day for the picnic this year. We only hope more of the class of '55 will plan to come next year. Since it will be our 55th, someone suggested we take one of the boat trips on our "Three Rivers" & have dinner on the boat. Pittsburgh does look beautiful from the Majestic in the evening! Please put the labor day week-end on your calendars now & plan to come for our 55th. Remember how great our 50th turned out thanks to Gene Consolo and Caroline (McQuaid) Thomas locating every single classmate? Well, now that we've found you, we'd like to see you again!

When posted to the AHS Website, our photos from the picnic include Nancy (Humes) Hannigan & Rege Kane, who couldn't make the dinner, but were able to come to the picnic--also some upper classmen: Roger and Jan McQuaid, Carm Violi, and Dave Erwin.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2010!

Stay well and happy,
Margie (Morcom) Hartsock


Sally Hamre Lodge, Bob Racki, Will Gertner, Betty Erwin Gertner, Salli Bollinger Greulich

Bob Hartsock, Dave Erwin, Betty Erwin Gertner, Sally Hamre Lodge, Will Gertner, Salli Bollinger Greulich

Buz Lodge, Dave Erwin, Betty Erwin Gertner, Rip Densmore, Sally Hamre Lodge, Salli Bollinger Greulich, Marge Morcom Hartsock

Milton Ertel, Salli Bollinger Greulich, Betty Erwin Gertner, Marge Morcom Hartsock, Nancy Humes Hannigan, Rege Kane

Marge Morcom Hartsock, Betty Erwin Gertner, Sally Hamre Lodge, Salli Bollinger Greulich