Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Charles Perrin 12/30/06.

The past year has been a busy one for us. Travel was less adventurous. Marilyn's conferences were in Pittsburgh and Boston and at the University of San Diego. My big job was to organize and run the Gordon Conference on Isotopes, held in February in Ventura. I also went to a conference in Tijuana and gave seminars at three universities in North Carolina, where I also visited my nephew. A year ago we went to Pacifichem in Honolulu and then toured the Big Island. Other touring took us to Glacier and North Cascades National Parks and to Vancouver to visit David, and also to

Phoenix and Los Angeles for performances of baroque opera.

Currently the lab has two postdocs, from China and Mexico, and one new graduate student, all three women. Research goes well, with a nice paper recently in JACS. Once more I am decompressing after teaching 350 students in introductory OChem. In a week I return to the course on Kinetics & Mechanism, after a hiatus of 7 years while I was needed for other tasks. I am also involved with a campus committee trying to crack down on student cheating.

In March Marilyn bought a new Toyota Avalon that she is very pleased with, so we have become a two-car family, but only for emergencies, because I still bicycle to work. David has published many good papers, was promoted to tenure at UBC Vancouver, and discovered that the responsibilities only increase. Edward passed his boards in geriatrics and is training residents at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix and working at Banner Hospice. He is engaged to another hospice-care doctor.