Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Don Swaim 1/17/06. Ann Wilkison and I both commuted to AHS. She lived a quarter of a mile up Fox Chapel Road from me at Shadyside Academy, where her father was, I think, the grounds keeper, and where her family lived in a house on the site. Sometimes Ann and I rode the Fox Chapel bus together to school, which always made us late, since we had no school bus to take us to AHS. I had a kind of crush on Ann -- but she was so much taller than I that I felt intimidated. I saw her last at graduation in June 1955. Sadly, I can't advance more than this, but since no service for Ann was planned, and with little in terms of obituary information, I can offer only the following:

Here are Ann's specs -- as printed in the 2005 AHS Reunion Book (August 26, 2005):


Annie has two children.
Attended Chatham College and St. Petersburg Junior College.
BA in Accounting from the University of Southern Florida.

I worked for a few years in a CPA firm. My last husband, Dan Sullivan, was the best. He's now deceased. He was a tennis pro and I really enjoyed tennis and other sports. I have a nephew, Tim Wilkison, who was a tennis pro and played the circuit for 5 or 6 years. My daughter will marry in April of 2005, and my son lives alone. Both are in St. Petersburg, FL. My mother is 95, still alive, and still smokes.

My most satisfying accomplishment is living everyday. I love life!