Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Carolyn McQuaid Thomas 12/29/05. Dear Don, I've just been enjoying the website yet once more during our Golden Reunion year: 2005. The Newsletter seems to be picking up momentum, and it's fun to read classmates' entries. Back in September, I had sent an email to Ray Rickley, who was recuperating and unable to attend the reunion; I included my own reprise of much of the reunion, and had cc'ed it to Margie. Margie responded by saying she thought my reprise might be a good addition to the webpage, but I didn't follow through at that time. Perhaps now is the time? Here it is...IF you'd like to use it. If you feel it's past its "interest" time, that's ok too. So.......

12 Sep 2005
Hi Ray,

Cari here...Gene has been kind enough to cc me on emails from classmates, re: the reunion, including yours. So glad to hear that you are recuperating! We were all sorry you were unable to make it to the reunion, and wish you and Gloria could have been there with the 60 classmates and approx. 45 spouses, adult children, and/or friends.

Great fun at the Friday dinner. Cliff Borland welcomed everyone and Gene did a SUPER job as Master of Ceremonies, including, as he said, introducing ALL the classmates and their guests; he also gave some bits of fun information out of the Reunion Book. Perhaps as you read through the Reunion Book, you can figure out which bits Gene picked to intersperse through the introductions. As you might imagine, introducing all 60 classmates took some time, but his fun bits made the whole thing enjoyable and brought back so many memories.

After Arlene Reitz gave the invocation, we had a really good buffet dinner from the Holiday Inn's new chef, who also has one of the better restaurants in Fox Chapel. And after dinner Margie Morcom did the obligatory thanking. :-) Besides the excellent dinner, we had a fun time "table-hopping" not only in our Terrace Room, but in two other dining rooms at the HI, too.

The class of 1950 had their 55th class reunion with about 60 attending, including three of the living teachers: Misses Marian Klug and Rosemary Kavanagh, and Mrs. Peg Gray, (ie Miss Margaret Lutz); they taught, respectively: Spanish/Typing/Shorthand; Math/English/Plane Geometry/Solid Geometry/Trigonometry; and Latin/English. Also the class of 1954's off-year reunion had a small group of about 20 at a table in the regular dining room. So....all three reunions mingled back and forth....including the three teachers! Really wonderful.

The All-AHS picnic on Saturday was a treat, too. I think they were expecting 350-400 attendees. I'm not sure how many actually were there, since it rained that afternoon, but the shelters were packed; in some cases that made it even more fun! I talked with "schoolmates" from 1938 and 1943 as well as many from my entire years at AHS:1949-1955 . It was a more relaxed time (at least for me) than Friday evening and a better chance to have more conversation with our classmates.

Sunday morning's brunch was an even better time for conversation, since there were only about 45 attendees and we were there from 9 am to noon; some of us even stood around until about 1, talking and watching the clean-up crew strip tablecloths and bus dishes! Very relaxed and delightful.

I can't report on Saturday evening's "open" date at Silky's Crow's Nest, a night spot on the bank of the Allegheny in Sharpsburg. My mother and both of my brothers and their wives and family friends, in for the Reunion weekend, had a "family night" at our homestead in Aspinwall, so I was not at Silky's (priorities, right?) BUT for others, arrangements had been made for people to gather at the Crow's Nest. As I understand it, those who attended had a great time; at one point the class crew there were out on the deck over the river, singing the Alma Mater and reprising AHS cheers! There was at least ONE 1955 AHS cheerleader in the crowd!

I think you and Gloria would have enjoyed the weekend. Sorry you couldn't attend, and especially sorry that it was illness that prevented you from attending. Again, I'm happy that Gene shared your email saying that you're on the road to recovery.

One last thing. You stated, "Whoever was responsible (for the book) did an awesome job, they are to be commended." And of course Gene responded with a simple "I'm glad you received and enjoyed the book." I must tell you that Gene and his wife Katie are almost entirely responsible for that wonderful Reunion Book. Gene gathered all of the information, Katie typed the book's text, and Gene was the one who dealt with the printer, ie. negotiating, pushing and prodding. Gene WAS our "Publisher." Others who helped were Bob Grimes, who is a real genius with photography and computer graphics; Don Swaim, who is the webmaster of our class web site; and Margie Morcom, who dealt with and handled the orders and money. To these five go the credit for the book! You are so right: the Book Crew Five are to be commended!

So, Ray, get better now and perhaps we'll meet at the reunion picnic next year (if I can get back from CA) or at our 55th in 2010!

Cari McQuaid Thomas