Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Carolyn Cari Thomas 8/26/06.

Hi Classmates, FYI....Just sent this to the PAALLEGH mailing list:

Hi Listers....and especially those with Aspinwall roots:

In 1967, Rachel L. Cook wrote a wonderful 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee History book of the Aspinwall borough. Sadly it had no index and was a labor intensive read.

However, I've just completed indexing this history. The Aspinwall Chamber of Commerce and Aspinwall Civic Association now have a master copy of the full index, which includes an EVERY NAME index and additional indexes of Advertisers; Businesses of Aspinwall; Historical Topics; Aspinwall Locations; Organizations; Pictures, Photographs, and Graphics; and "Pictures Courtesy Of", from the 1892-1967 history.

I'm not sure how they will process queries, but I imagine the charge for copies will be reasonable. Requests could probably be made c/o Luann McLaughlin (who received the master copy) or sent to either organization.

Otherwise, for a quick look at JUST a family name index, you can access that on the Library of Congress's catalog page for details of this Aspinwall History:

Hope this helps!

Cari Thomas