Aspinwall High School Class of 1955


Carolyn Cari Thomas 8/16/09

Just a word about the website on which Ben Freudenreich's Memories are posted and to which you've created a link.

Norm's a local now living on Lexington Ave Ext., but actually native to Pleasant Valley in O'Hara Twp.

He created a website quite a few years ago which he named the "Allegheny River Family Archives" (ARFA). Home page: It's a combination of local history and genealogy/family history for the Allegheny River, predominantly that portion of it in Allegheny County. The website has simply exploded, I'm sure way beyond what Norm ever dreamed of; and is now one of the most respected and most valuable resources for persons who live - have ever lived - or have earlier families who lived - in Allegheny County.

First of all, his website is the repository of, IMO, the largest collection of cemetery tombstone inscriptions for Allegheny County. Go directly to the index at There's a search engine on this page, and IF you have family buried in the area, I'd be most surprised if you don't find a family member in one of the 267 distinct lists of Allegheny County cemeteries and 68 cemetery lists from surrounding counties.

However, you're probably more interested in memories. Here's a listing of items for students who attended Aspinwall High School:


Aspinwall Memories & Photos, by Ben Freudenreich (NEW) 8-9-2009 Kiwanis Club of Aspinwall, Kiwani-Gram, 1949 PHOTOS -- ASPINWALL, PA -- "the" Original Aspinwall School DISASTER AT ROSS GROVE -- July 4, 1878 Aspinwall / Fox Chapel Area Aspinwall High School / Class of 1928 List 1942 Dancing Class Recital At Aspinwall Women's Club 1946 Aspinwall, PA "Cavalier" HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK "Lazy Town" -- An Operetta in Two Acts; Presented by Grades 1-6 of the Aspinwall Grade School; 8 & 9 April 1948. (NEW) 8-5-2009 PHOTOS -- ASPINWALL, PA -- A Photo Album Tour of Aspinwall, PA, -- 2001


THE MONTROSE HOTEL / "Thunderbird Boatel" 4th Grade -- Blawnox School, (formerly on Center Street), November 11, 1923. A good example of a classroom lit by gaslight. Newer Montrose School class from 1937.


(A History Book to Beat the Band) ; "Portrait of an American Community: O'Hara Township, PA"; By the O'Hara Township History Committee 1945-46 O'Hara Twp. School Band at Kerr School A Casual Stroll Through Squaw Valley Park Seitz School Class, 1916-1917, Pleasant Valley, PA Seitz School Class, Oct. 30, 1923, Pleasant Valley, PA

And some miscellaneous of interest: HARWICK MINE DISASTER -- 1904 1936 Flood Federal St. ; Reedsdale St. ; River Ave. ; Sandusky St. NOSTALGIC / 1901: Pittsburgh Scenic Playing Cards Pittsburgh Post Card Memories Scenic Photos of Pittsburgh, PA -- 1989 by Richard Zerla Scenic Photos of Allegheny River / Twelve Mile Island -- 2003 by Dr. Bernard D. Newman

And photos of county-area children published in the Pgh Press: Sept. 28, 1924 Pittsburgh Press Pictorial Section Oct. 5, 1924 Pittsburgh Press Pictorial Section Sept. 27, 1925 Pittsburgh Press Pictorial Section May 23, 1926 Pittsburgh Press Photogravure Section June 6, 1926 Pittsburgh Press Photogravure Section June 13, 1926 Pittsburgh Press Photogravure Section June 20, 1926 Pittsburgh Press Photogravure Section 1927 Remnants of the Pittsburgh Press Photogravure Sections 1929 Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph Color Gravure Reproductions

And much more.... so, while you're looking at and reading about Ben's Aspinwall Memories, take time to see what else you can find; and think about what memories you've got that might enhance Norm's site for the rest of us. Perhaps some of you Dorseyville/Indianola classmates can have Norm start a memory section for your home area.

Enjoy. Carolyn "Cari" McQuaid Thomas