Aspinwall High School Class of 1955

C.A. SHERMAN, 1907-1985
Supervising Principal

May 22, 1955


Because I have had a chance to work with you, I am glad that I am a teacher. I am happy that the work of my choice permits me to be close to young people.

This feeling prevails as a result of the many commendable attributes of young people. You are cheerful. More than once have my spirits been lifted when someone in the halls has said, "Hi" with a big smile. You are fair and unbiased. You are fresh at the game of life. Not yet have you permitted disappointments to embitter you or to distort your outlook.

You are idealistic. You are waiting to meet head-on any challenge which the world may present. You dream. You dream of a better world where the laws of the jungle will no longer prevail in any form. You dream of a world where each will be judged and rewarded for the service he renders and not for the number of servants he has. You dream of the great part you will play in the drama of life and not of empty pleasures and idleness.

You do not tire easily. You have a zest for life and its work. Boredom fatigues more people than work.

My wish for you is that you do not permit these traits of youth to vanish with the years. They need not vanish if you remain alert and treasure them above all else. You are still the captain of your work.



The Butler [PA] Eagle -- July 19 1985

Dr. Charles Arthur Sherman, 78, formerly of Butler, died of cardiac arrest on Tuesday in St. Johns Lutheran Home, Mars.

Dr. Sherman retired in 1981 as a professor and head of the education department at Duquesne University. A former resident of Brentwood, he served as district superintendent of Brentwood schools from 1955 to 1965, and before that had been a principal and supervising principal in Aspinwall for 19 years. A native of Butler, Dr. Sherman started his career in education as a teacher in the Jamisonville one room school he had attended as a child, and later taught at McCandless, Lyndora, Renfrew, and Nixon schools.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Slippery Rock State College (now University) and his Masters degree and Doctorate in education from the University of Pittsburgh.

He was a former member and past president of many organizations, including the District School Superintendents of Allegheny County, Allegheny County Scholarship Association, Brentwood-Whitehall Chamber of Commerce, and the Graduate Alumni Association of the University of Pittsburgh.

Born on a farm in Butler County, March 27, 1907, he was the son of Charles A. and Mary Elizabeth Post Sherman. His mother died in 1925. The family resided on the Saxonburg-Butler road across from Sunnyview Home during his school days, and he attended a one-room schoolhouse a few miles from Butler.

Dr. Sherman was noted in the Western Pennsylvania area as a hypnotist, a hobby he pursued for many years. His wife, Margaret Badger Sherman, preceded him in death.

Surviving are six brothers, Clarence, Wayne, Raymond, Frank and Mark Sherman, all of Butler, and Clyde, of Columbus, Ohio.

A brother and a sister are deceased. Funeral services were held at 11 a.m. today in Brentwood, and burial was made in Jefferson Memorial Park Cemetery, Pleasant Hills.

Thanks to Carolyn McQuaid Thomas for tracking down the obituary.