Aspinwall High School Class of 1955

September 1949 -- June 1955

Key to Symbols

??? = SSDI preceded by triple question marks are not verified as actually being our AHS teaching/staff member; however information within the listing indicates possibility.
SSDI = Social Security Death Index = Name Birthdate - Deathdate Last residence: city, county, state SS card issued: state (date of issue).
*** = Appearance in Aspinwall High School Cavalier yearbooks of 1950 to 1955 is the source of September 1949 to June 1955 information on the teachers and staff serving the Class of 1955.

NAME; Cavalier Years***; Subjects taught or position; Today?

BALLAD, William R; 1950-51; Chemistry, Physics, General Science; SSDI: William R. Ballad 4 Nov 1904-27 Dec 1999 Buffalo Grove, Lake, Illinois Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

BARCHFELD, Elizabeth M; 1950-55; Home Economics/Domestic Arts, English; SSDI: Elizabeth M. Barchfeld 25 Nov 1916-7 Nov 1999 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

BERKHEIMER, Glenn D; 1953-55; Physics, Chemistry; : Glenn Berkheimer and his wife Dolores are living in Okemos, MI. He retired from teaching at Michigan State U.

BURNITE, Mary Ida; 1950-55; English, Speech, Mathematics, History; SSDI: Mary Ida Burnite 19 May 1916-29 Dec 1992 Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (1956-1958).

BURTON, Richard; 1954-55; Physical Education, Civics, Health, Coaching; Unknown

DAHL, C. Arthur; 1950-55; History, US History, Problems Of Democracy ??? SSDI: Arthur Dahl 30 Jan 1919-Jul 1973 Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

FLEMING, Stanley T; 1950-55; Band, Vocal Music; ??? SSDI: Stanley Fleming 28 Sep 1907-Mar 1968 Pennsylvania (1951).

FREY, Beulah A; 1950-55; Biology, Mathematics; died in December, 2006

HALL, A. June; 1950-55; Physical Education, Health, English, Drivers Education, Coaching; SSDI: A. June Hall 29 Mar 1925-Jan 1993 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

HENDERSON, David; 1950-51; Transcription, Typing, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Shorthand, General Business; Unknown.

HOHNADEL, Fred; 1954-55; Physical Education, Health, History, Coaching; ??? SSDI: Frederick C. Hohnadel 7 Sep 1926-4 Sep 1989 Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

KAVANAGH, Rosemarie; 1950-55; Mathematics, English, Plane & Solid Geometry, Trigonometry; Rosemarie Kavanagh is living on First Street in Aspinwall.

KHOURY, Edward M; 1952; General Science, Chemistry, Physics; ??? SSDI: Edward M. Khoury 25 Sep 1923-17 Jan 1995 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

KILEY/CHLEBUS, Patricia; 1950-55; English; SSDI: Patricia K. Chlebus 17 Mar 1913-22 Aug 1999 Longwood, Seminole, Florida Pennsylvania (1961-1962).

KLUG, Marion L; 1950-55; Spanish, Typing, Shorthand; Marion Klug died in Feb, 2010.

LINDSAY, Alfred R; 1950-55; History, Music, Coaching; SSDI: Alfred R. Lindsay 7 Feb 1919-1 Apr 1996 Milton, Sussex, Delaware New York (Before 1951).

LOVETTE, Joanne; 1950-55; Art; 12 Sep 1927- 4 Jun 1990; Taught 27 yrs at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP/ISTC), Chair of Art Dept, IUP, 6 yrs.

LUTZ/GRAY, Margaret L; 1950-55; Latin, English; Margaret Lutz/Gray died in March 2010. She had been living in a retirement home in Oakmont.

MAKOWSKI, Raymond F; 1954-55; Transcription, Typing, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Shorthand, General Business; SSDI: Raymond F. Makowski 28 Nov 1927-4 Jun 2000 Ambridge, Beaver County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

MCANDREWS, Patrick T.; 1955; French, English, Spanish (Substitute for Mrs. Lindsay, during her 1954-55 maternity leave of absence); Unknown.

MCCARTHY, Joseph T; 1950-53; History, Social Studies, Physical Education, Coaching; Unknown.

MCCREADY/LINDSAY, Gladys M; 1950-55; French, English, Spanish; SSDI: Gladys M. Lindsay 10 Aug 1921-29 Aug 2003 Milton, Sussex, Delaware Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

MCCRUM, Jean; 1950-55; Aeronautics, Algebra; SSDI: Jean McCrum 23 Oct 1897-Feb 1984 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (1952-1954).

MOSCATO, Leonard D; 1955; Geography, Science; Unknown.

MURPHY, Mary M; 1950-55; Home Economics/Domestic Arts; Unknown.

NIKHAZY, Daniel A; 1950-55; Industrial Arts/Manual Training, Athletic Manager.; SSDI: Daniel Nikhazy 25-Jun 1911 Sep 1983 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

PATTERSON, Hazel G; 1950-55; English, Journalism; ??? SSDI: Hazel G. Patterson 5 May 1906 5-Feb 1997 Washington, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (1957-1959).

SHOOP, Josephine G; 1950-55; Librarian; SSDI: Josephine G. Shoop 22 May 1904-3 Oct 1990 Lexington City; Virginia Pennsylvania (1956-1958).

SINGLETON, Fred A; 1950-55; Geography, Social Studies, Health, History, General Science, Permanent Substitute (1954-5); ??? SSDI: Fred Singleton 29 Nov 1902-Apr 1987 Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (Before 1951).

TRENAMAN, Kathleen; 1950; Home Economics (1949-50); Exchange Teacher. (Sewing) for Elizabeth Barchfeld during 1949-50 school year, returned to Okehampton, Devon, England in August 1950. Kay married Ken Westcott and after many years they retired from running greenhouses where they grew carnations and other flowers for the English market.

WHEELER, Samuel I; 1950-55; Guidance, Science, Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts, Drivers Education, General Science; Died.

WHITAKER, Annabelle M; 1953; Transcription, Typing, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Shorthand, General Business; ??? SSDI: Annabelle Whitaker 4 Jul 1922-Mar 1984 Brooklyn, Kings, New York New York (Before 1951) .

NORMAN, Niles E. ; 1955; High School Principal; SSDI: Niles E. Norman 28 Oct 1924-13 Apr 2001 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (1956-1958).

SHERMAN, C. A. ; 1950-55; Supervising Principal; SSDI: C. Sherman 27 Mar 1907 Jul 1985 Mars, Butler, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (1957-1959).

BROMBACH, Olive E; 1950-55; Secretary; SSDI: Olive Brombach 13 Jun 1916-16 Nov 1999 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (1956-1958).

PAYNE, Catherine N.; 1950-55; School Nurse; Catherine Payne died in June, 1995

Carolyn McQuaid Thomas compiled this database, posted March 2005 (revised May 2005).