Bucks County Writers Workshop

TGIF PARTY 11/16/12


Winners announced on Nov. 16, 2012, at 86West Restaurant in Doylestown by Bill Donahue, editor of Philadelpha Life Magazine and Suburban Life Magazine. First prize Javad Mohsenian; Second Jules Winistorfer; Third Don Swaim; Fourth Pina Rahill. Alan Shils wielded a camera with a mean telephoto lens. Read all the haiku entries HERE.

Text & Pictures by Alan Shils

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. Obviously, I cannot only take photos of what I am 'supposed' to. I look around for anything else that may be interesting. So we have a very colorful drink in its before and after stages with the critical taste test.




Cathy Hilliard

Here is a closeup of a cute item of jewelry on a cute young lady, and I believe all the ladies in our group are the best looking young women of any writing group!

Natalie Dyen

Virginia Bortin

Natalie & Virginia

Candle flames are also 'cute.'

Daniel Dorian

Professor Dorian is (?obviously?) lecturing about French Theater using Italian gestures proving he is a truly an International Man.

Marlene Prost, Jackie Nash

Marlene, Jackie, Daniel, Natalie


Wil Kirk, Don Swaim, Bill Donahue

Above are the gentlemen (not so much cute but handsome) including our Fearless Leader and The Judge.

Pina Rahill

Matt Barrett, Wil Kirk

There are the prizes (that I never try to win because I just want to have fun.) The winning pieces were great - congrats to their authors!

Don Swaim introducing Bill Donahue

Don shows magazines Bill edits

Bill announcing prize winners

Alan Shils

Lastly, the guy who is normally is at the other end of the lens.