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Article Archives #4 2004-05

  • A DIRTY MIND. Erica Jong defends her libinous first novel, Fear of Flying, which defined the sexually liberated 1970s. In arts.telegraph (U.K.). Listen to Don Swaim's interview with Jong at Wired for Books.

  • CONSERVATIVES CRY FOUL IN PUBLISHING SCRUM. The writers of right-ring tracts complain about liberal bias in the publishing industry. By Edward Wyatt in The New York Times.

  • WE'RE NOT IN LAKE WOBEGON ANYMORE. Novelist and radio storyteller Garrison Keillor takes exception to his political opposites in an excerpt from his new book, Homegrown Democrat. Go to In These Times.

  • FOR GORE VIDAL, A LAST, LONG VIEW FROM THE HEIGHTS. At 79, the famous American writer is leaving his villa in Ravello, Italy. By Joseph Giovannini in The New York Times.

  • I LOVE YOU, MADAME LIBRARIAN. Kurt Vonnegut thanks the nation's librarians for standing up to anti-democratic bullies. In In These Times.

  • THE FUTURE DICTIONARY OF AMERICA.Dave Egger's McSweeney's Books enters the pantheon of satirical dictionaries like Flaubert's and Bierce's with a notable distinction: It's packed with winningly offbeat suggestions for making the world a better place. By Henry Alford in Newsday.

  • PRIZE-WINNING 'ERRATA' STORIES POSTED. Many of the stories, part of the BCWW's Summer Writing Project (see below), in which the submissions were to be based on a tale by O. Henry, can be read on line.

  • A TRUE LIFE MEMOIR UNRAVELS IN AUSTRALIA. Publishers and readers taken in by Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri. By Janaki Kremmer in The Christian Science Monitor.

  • WHERE WISE MEN FISH. The Gotham Book Mart, for 58 years a Manhattan cultural landmark at 41 West 47th Street, has found a new home. By Mel Gussow in The New York Times.

  • EAST OF EDEN REVISITED. Heirs of John Steinbeck entangled in a epic family lawsuit. By Michelle O'Donnell in The New York Times.

  • CHRIS BAUER WINS BCWW SUMMER PROJECT PRIZE. The story by Chris (right) was slected by the juror, novelist Damian McNicholl, at a dinner on July 13. Go to the PICTURE GALLERY to see images of the dinner.

    Read an account by Connie Wrzesniewski of the dinner in the July 22 edition of the Bucks County Herald.

  • HOW MANY BOOKS ARE TOO MANY?. The killer figure is 175,000, the awe-inspiring total of new titles published in 2003. By Laura Miller in The New York Times Book Review.

  • PLAN FOR HEMINGWAY HOUSE RILES NEIGHBORS. Some residents of Ketchum, Idaho, oppose turning into a historic site the home in which Hemingway died. By Tomas Alex Tizon in the Chicago Tribune.

  • NOT FUNNIES. Graphic novels -- comics if you will. Will they replace the conventional novel? By Charles McGrath in The New York Times Magazine.

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