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The Yellow Bus

Chapter Sixteen

s Charles Needham drove the bus through the fortress gates, the children began to shout with joy, finally feeling optimistic. The poor kids had endured hours of stress and deprivation.

One of boys shouted, "Wow, this looks like Disneyland. Boy, are we going to have a ball."

Needham opened the bus door, finally relieved they had gotten to their destination. The children spilled out onto the cobblestone courtyard, scattering in different directions.

Alfred ran out in front, gathering them into a line. "Hey everybody, listen to me. I've been here before so I'll lead the way." He looked back at the bus and saw Mr. Needham, a smile on his face, still sitting in the driver's seat. Alfred was feeling good. Looks like Miss McGovern's still sleeping, he thought. The spray really worked. I was getting tired of her and Mr. Needham too, so I'll take over now.

* * *

The sinister figure dressed in a black cloak stood at the window in the tall tower and, beaming with pleasure, watched the children below. "At last they're here. Alfred did a good job, didn't he?" The Master eyed his manservant for confirmation.

"Certainly, Master," the manservant said. "Those innocent children will give Sire much bliss. For the occasion, may I suggest you wear simple khaki pants and Hawaiian shirt?"

* * *

As Alfred led the kids down a wide corridor toward the Great Hall to meet The Master, Cynthia spoke up. "Hey, Alfred, how come you know so much about this place?"

The question startled him at first. "Oh, my Aunt Florence brought me here a few times."

Alfred thought about how his aunt had filled his head with those so called incarnations. But he was tired of thinking and talking about his past lives. I'm no saint and I'm not going to help these kids, no way. I'm working for The Master now because maybe He'll allow Aunt Florence to live here again. She used to be one of his maidservants.

As the children filed into the Great Hall, they seemed to revive. They had been a ragged, worn out, dirty, and exhausted group, but now they felt optimistic.

Alfred thought, the kids will be a cinch. Look how eager they are.

* * *

The black Buick was parked a short distance from the estate. Robert, who was the driver, Darlene, and the other two boys had followed the bus, but were well hidden by tall trees. They had watched Alfred lead the kids from the bus to the castle.

"There's something fishy going on," Darlene told the boys. "We'd better find out what's happening."

Robert was the first agree, even though he was exhausted and wanted to go home. "I don't trust that Alfred. Something terrible could happen to the kids. But I'm really very tired, and I think we better get in touch with our families now."

Darlene spoke again, "O.K., It's time

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