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No. 7

summer 2004

Special O. Henry Issue

These stories are all based on the romantic O. Henry story "Marry Month of May." Some are true to the original, others take different directions. In all, nineteen stories were presented as part of the BCWW's Annual Summer Writing Project. Here are twelve of them.

To read the original O. Henry story go to:
The Marry Month of May


Al Honig: Muffie in May. fiction.

Mary Jane Aklonis: Vodka Grotesque. fiction.

Chris Bauer: The Sequel -- January's Disregard. (NOTE: First Prize Winner) fiction.

Carmen Ferreiro: The Marry Month of May. (NOTE: First Runner Up) fiction.

Elizabeth Kelly: The Marry Month of May. fiction.

Roberta Kyle: Six Months Later. fiction.<

Carolyn Merlini: The Humming of the Heart. fiction.

John Scioli: Communita Italiana. fiction.

Alan Shils: Nineteen. (NOTE: Honorable Mention) fiction.

Don Swaim: The Marry Month of May. fiction.

Jules Winistorfer. The Marry Month of May. fiction

Connie Wrzesniewski: Jittery June Smites. fiction


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