Rob Foster

Rob is the author of four other full length stageplays in addition to "Bierce," most are comedies; "Guy Things," "Mr. Warmth," "Just Lovely" and "Pull My Finger." Three of his works have been produced for the stage, including this one. Actor as well as writer, Rob has performed in over 60 stage productions and a number of national commercials and independent features. In 1996 Rob adapted and directed a modern version of the radio panic "The War Of The Worlds" broadcast that Halloween night over KAZU-FM, Monterey Bay Public Radio. In the show, San Francisco and Santa Cruz were destroyed before the very ears of listeners, in place of New York and New Jersey.

Rob has been a Bierce reader and devotee ever since high school, where a particularly hip English teacher introduced him to Ambrose's work as simply a way to influence a broader reading spectrum! Rob never put the book(s) down!

The Play

"The Last Stand Of Ambrose Bierce" was completed in November of 2000, and first performed from April 5 to May 6, 2001 at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, California, in association with Unicorn Theatre, Inc. and producer Mr. Carey Crockett.

The production starred Thomas Burks in the title role of Ambrose Bierce. Co-starring were Jody Gilmore, Ron Cohen and Yvonne Arias.

Review Quotes

"A thoughtful, coherent script that testifies to (Foster's) solid grasp of Biercian issues and style." ... "Exciting, satisfying dialogue... overshadowed by a Biercian muse."
-- The Monterey County Herald's GO! Magazine

"Excellent viewing for both theatre and history buffs!"
-- Monterey Post

"A good play... worthy of audience attention!"
-- Coast Weekly Magazine

"Rob Foster's original work "Ambrose Bierce" provides a colorful, and at times, humorous insight into the mind of an eccentric writer on the night he disappears."
-- Carmel Pine Cone

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