Bucks County Writers Workshop

A short story by Ernest Hemingway can be found in a book of quotations by writers, A Writer's Commonplace Book.This story is really short. Six words, three sentences. A search of the Internet found a number of references to it, but not its actual origin, although on one site Hemingway is quoted as saying he thought it was the best story he ever wrote. To wit:

In six words, Hemingway says it all. Assignment: a story in six words, no more, no less. Members of the BCWW wanted to see see if their six-word stories could be as powerful and poignant as Hemingway's. Sad or comedic, the idea was to be clever and original. Members were free to come up with more than one piece. You'll note some members were more prolific than others.

Al Honig [emailing from Florida]
Cold here, no snow, no fish.

Don Swaim
Intentions are easy. Moby Dick is hard.
The tests are in. Better sit.
Love gone and so are you.
[or the more positive] Love is here. So are you.
Regrets are difficult. Aging is easy.
Back in Texas. Forever, one hopes.

Alan Shils
Six word stories! Are you nuts?
Spot bites. Rabies incubates. Mailman dies.
Hot coffee. Why drink? Spill. Sue.
Open grave. Closed casket. Dirt flies.
Grasshoppers swarm. Fields die. Got milk?
Burn gas. Make an Arab happy.
Flowers grow. Bees buzz. Sting - ouch!
Smoking gun. Cold body. Who dunit?
Sunrise. Moonrise. Eclipse. Run & hide.
Owing money. Busting knees. Pay up.
Old love. Seasoned wood. Both burn.
Nasty gas. Lungs flood. Heart stops.
Flowers grow. Bees buzz. Sting - ouch!
Night in a headlight. Slam deer.
Money floods. Much stolen. Market implodes.
Red light. Don't stop. Crashed dead.
Surf's up. Skill's down. He drowned.
Old love. Seasoned wood. Both burn.
Don't like these? Write your own.

Bill O'Toole
Psychotherapy failed Mom. Shotgun for sale.

Ryan McEldowney
Wanted: Nubian Pygmies. Serious inquiries only.

John Scioli
Sin lustily. Believe deeply. Aways love.

Geddy Gibson
Hello? No, sh-she... left. Yeah... Bye.

Jacqui Callin
Push accelerator. Go too fast. Crash.
Do not push red button. Whoops!
Wasp. Pitcher plant. Wasp becomes food.
Waiting for food. Really hungry. Hurry!
One nation. One target. One bomb.

Peggy Gallos
[family tragedy one] "I do." But then, I didn't.
[family tragedy two] He gave up, leaving three orphans.
[inspired by William Carlos Williams' poem "This is Just to Say"] Honey, I'm leaving. Taking Jim's wife.
[sci-fi] It grew. Then it ate Boston.
[historical] One cough. Eventually, all Europe succumbed.
Wanted: Couch. Fire-resistant this time.
[political] Update: the President's condition deemed hopeless.
Trust Madoff? Sure. Good-bye life savings.

Christopher Bauer
Short story in six words? Preposterous.
Didn't forget. Didn't have the time.
Cat's dying; wife's suicidal. Peace soon.

Carolyn Merlini
Empty house for sale. Bernie made-off.
Mother survives. Baby's born. Called Katrina.
Run, Forrest! Soldier! Shrimp! Eat chocolates!
Bang! Mounted heads witness Hemingway's exit.

Javad Mohsenian
Weather alert. Hurricane coming. Stay in.
Tall Towers. Planes hit. 9/11 tragedy.
Mother passes. Memories abound. Never forgotten.
New grandson. Emotions soar. So excited.
Job lost. No money. Wife left.
In love, found fire and ablaze.

Amy Mink
Twenty four hours. Penthouse to shithouse.
Chocolate cream pie bribery. Very clever.
Ivory lace. Wedding march. Empty altar.
Take it. Hurry up. Dad's coming.
Eternal redemption. Comes at a price.
He said. She said. Still dead.
One child. Plus dog. Equals contentment.
I lied. So sorry. Trust me.
Not now. Maybe later. Too late.
Sit down. Shut up. And eat.
Warm cookies. Yellow daisies. Mama's back.
His letter. Empty closet. Gone forever.

Jules Winistorfer
Jews shot in barbed wire tangle.
Global economy crumbles. French eat cake.
Wal-Mart opens for profit soup kitchen.
Elephants bring hope to Alzheimer's patients.
Fireplug shortage stirs anger among dogs.
EBay. Joe Biden disc. Plays incessantly.
On Ebay. Celebrity condom. Slightly used.

Connie Wrzesniewski
Forever friends. Borrow money? Adio amigo.
Forever yours. Another woman? Goodbye, Joe.
Mirrors never lie. Truth always reflects.
Love for sale. Tips accepted cheapskate.
True love prevails long after death.
Junk, slightly used. He's yours, free.
Easter lambs arrive. Delighted ewe baas.
Happy Harry buys balloons. Clowns around.
Balloons burst. Market explodes. Window opens.

Kristian Rowley
Could Vonnegut sell us six words?

Mary Jane Aklonis
We dream apart, our legs entwined.
In the drawer, my mother's rings.
Moonlight filters through drawn blinds-hope.
Baby's face, so new, so familiar.
Warning, no life guards on duty.
Night thoughts streaming, your breath slowing.

Judith Norkin
Living life, no regrets. Drinks, anyone?

Jeff Wentzel
Unscramble this riddle. One word. Didler?
Dear John. Goodbye. Love Always, Joan.
Tuesday. Cannibal's Feast. For members only.

Jeanette de Richemond
Left Lane. Must Exit. No U-Turns.