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Many of the dedicated journalists at Newsradio 88 were -- and are -- radio buffs. When not listening to WCBS-AM, their station of choice is its smaller sibling, the oldies station, WCBS-FM.

June 1995 -- click to enlarge

by John Landers

WCBS-FM introduced it's oldies format on July 7, 1972, and save for a slight and gladly forgotten hiccup they have now blanketed the number one market with music heard no where else on the dial for 40 years. CBS-FM listeners are an extremely loyal and sought after demographic. They will be the first to happily tell anyone that asks that oldies music is a daily staple in their lives whether at home, in their car, at work or on the way to school. CBS-FM is more then simply a part of their lives. For many this kind of music is what they live their lives by and it gets them through their busy days. Nevertheless, there are times when the faithful have a hankering for a certain song, group or type of oldie that is not on the air. This is partly why CBS-FM produced a multitude of theme albums so that their listening faithful can always hear what they want and enjoy even if it's not on the air at that moment. Above is a colorful collage of covers of just 24 of the many albums in the WCBS-FM retail library.

...which in 1967 was an automated light pop music package syndicated to twenty stations ("Do you know the way to San Jose?"). Totally canned, it consisted of two Ampex reel-to-reel tape recorders in the master control room of WCBS-AM on the sixteenth floor of Black Rock.

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    WCBS-FM ad running in July 1, 1972, issue of Billboard Magazine touting how it is "America's Fastest Growing Rock Station (AM or FM)." Exactly six days later on July 7, 1972, it abandoned its rock format and switched to oldies.



  • WCBS-FM Jingles: Tuesday Productions -- Taking You There With The Music (4:46) LISTEN

  • WCBS-FM Jingles: Gold Evolution -- PAMS First Oldies package (4:59) LISTEN

  • WCBS-FM Jingles: Jock Cuts -- Gold Evolution -- PAMS First Oldies package (3:13) LISTEN

  • WCBS-FM JINGLES. Consists of several jingle packages in the 1980s and 90s with intros to various FM disc jockeys. Instrumentals and vocals. This is a large file so please give it time to open. Excellent quality. [a shorter version of WCBS-FM signature sounds below] LISTEN. [runs 20:56]

  • WCBS-FM ALERTS AND SOUNDERS. Includes sounders for bulletins and special broadcasts for the FM oldies music station. LISTEN. [runs 2:50]

  • WCBS-FM PAMS Top of the Hour Drum Roll. Debuted during its 1979 Memorial Day Top 500 Countdown Weekend. Used on the hour followed by a Top 500 CBS-FM jingle. LISTEN. [runs :09]

  • WCBS-FM SIGNATURE SOUNDS. Jingles created for sister station WCBS-FM. Audio courtesy of David Saviet. (2:09) WCBS-FM, 101, Signature Sounds

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