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A Glickman Gallery

Long-time WCBS meterologist Todd Glickman -- a pack rat -- rummaged through his attic and found that he had saved everything he had acquired with a WCBS Newsradio88 label or logo. Here are photos of all his swag, rapidly increasing in value. Todd didn't know it but he was holding broadcast history in the making.

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call letters block for mic
call letters block for mic

WCBS mic
tiny billboard

three-ring binder with CBS news standards
back pack

staff ID

traffic label

bullish on business ad
zipper jacket

black jacket
jean jacket

wool jacket
sports jacket

red jacket
shirt (well worn)

station letterhead
station memorandum

plexiglass clock

Earlier,Todd found lots of Newsradio 88 photos dating to the 1980s. The newsroom was then on the 16th floor of Black Rock, 51 W. 52nd St.

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main anchor studio
master control

production and air studio
Gary Maurer

Gary Maurer, Jim Morris, Todd Glickman, Allegra Branson
Technician Dwight Taylor

Todd Glickman, John Wydra
Technician Leo Brown

Gil Gross
Technician Geporge Seelinger

Newsradio 88 chopper
Newsradio 88 chopper

Pilot Neil Busch
Todd's view from the chopper

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