A Photo Montage

Brooklyn's Own JOHN LANDERS is a man for all seasons -- especially hockey season when he works as a correspondent for Stan Fischler, MSG's resident hockey expert, at the Rangers, Devils, and Islanders games. John is also "Keeper of the Cup," who, while wearing white gloves, brings out the Commissioner's Cup to the winning team in the Federal Hockey League, a Single A level minor league. In addition, he's a classic radio buff and historian, who has shared his collection of broadcast audio, photos, and memorabilia with the WCBS Appreciation Site too many times to properly thank.

When he's not doing all that, he's working as a dedicated track announcer (the right term?) in the New York subway system as well as performing duties as part of the Transit Authority's Hazardous Materials/WMD Response Team. If you happen to fall on the tracks, John and his fellow team members are usually the ones to pick you up.

On July 9, 2014, John ventured to Hudson Street to visit CBS Radio's headquarters, now housing all of the network's New York City radio stations: WCBS-AM, WCBS-FM, WFAN-AM, WFAN-FM, WINS, WWFS, WBMP. He returned to Brooklyn with a batch of photos (below).

The big guy with the shaved head? That's John.

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