Gary Maurer

Dec 14, 2000 7:52 am US/Eastern

Gary Maurer has been called "The Only Deadhead In All-News Radio" -- he's also worked at WCBS for more than half his life. When WCBS went all news in 1967, he was already here, reporting the news from New Jersey under the pseudonym Lee Sheafer.

Three months later he was hired full time and reclaimed his own name.

In the mid-70's Gary anchored mid-days with Rita Sands. Earlier, he was a reporter, and for a peaceful guy, Gary Maurer found himself in the middle of a lot of trouble.

He covered the Vietnam War riots at Columbia, the open-enrollment riots at City College, the community school board demonstrations and disturbances in Ocean Hill-Brownsville, Brooklyn, jail riots in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and the race riots in Newark and Asbury Park.

Gary also covered the 1968 presidential campaign (Nixon won, for those keeping score).

Three weeks before the Republican National Convention, Gary interviewed Spiro Agnew, who confided that he would be attending the convention as Maryland's Favorite Son -- in other words, Nelson Rockefeller was OUT, Spiro Agnew was IN as the Vice Presidential candidate. That is exactly how events unfolded, and Gary Maurer broke the news.

Its fair to say the most significant story Gary ever covered, personally speaking, was Woodstock. For a nice Jewish boy, he says, it was an epiphany. Woodstock was a defining moment, and he never left. Not long after, Gary grew a beard, said goodbye to his barber, and started faithfully attending Grateful Dead shows.

All these years later, Gary still bears a striking resemblance to Jerry Garcia.

And listen carefully. Most anchors end their airshift with a plain-vanilla "Have a nice day." Not Gary Maurer. At 4:59 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings, you'll hear him say, "Have a Greatful day."