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Oct. 15, 2016
Amarone Ristorante, Teaneck, NJ

A highly selective list of photos. Thanks to Ray Hoffman, Richard Lorenzo, John Landers, & Bob Gibson for sending the pictures.


(l-r) Rich Lamb, Wayne Cabot, Todd Glickman

(l-r) Craig Allen, David Bernstein, Todd Glickman

Bob Gibson, Craig Allen, Todd Glickman

(l-r) Garry Nunn, Lee Harris, Mervin Block (standing)

Lee Harris (foreground)
table l-r: Tim Scheld, David Holmlund, Mel Granick,
table l-r: Jonathan Clark, Jane Tillman Irving,
George Flowers (partially hidden)

(l-r) Wes Vernon, Tim Scheld

(l-r) Michael Kahn, Bill Tynan

(l-r) Lee Harris, Ray Hoffman

(l-r) Sis Levin, Jerry Levin

I know a lot were left out of this gallery.
Apologies. Will try to make it up next time. --DS.

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