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Ocxtober 19, 2013
Amarone Ristorante, Teaneck, NJ

A highly selective list of photos. Sorry if anyone's been left out.Thanks to Elizabeth Hainstock, Rhoda Aronson, Bob Gibson, and Jerry Levin for sending the pictures.

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Rhoda Aronson, Elizabeth Hainstock

Gary Press, Bob Kimmel, Ed Silverman

Stan Brooks

Lee Harris Bob Gibson, David Bernstein

Ed Salvas, Wes Vernon,
Don Swaim, Dave Atherton

Mitch Lebe, Bill Diehl, Ed Silverman

Bill Diehl, Ed Silverman,
Stan Brooks, Mitch Lebe

Dave Holmlund, Dave Atherton,
John Lancellotti, Pete Bianco

Don Swaim, Jerry Levin

Don Swaim, Wes Vernon,
Bob Leeder, Elizabeth Hainstock

Rich Lamb Bob Gibson

Dave Atherton

Spencer Ross, Stan Brooks

Michael Kahn, Melissa Kleiner Cohen

Ginny Kosola, Ray McNally

Don Swaim, Jerry Levin, Sis Levin

Bob Gibson, Wes Vernon,
Don Swaim, Elizabeth Hainstock

Pat Millman