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May 16, 2015
Amarone Ristorante, Teaneck, NJ

A highly selective list of photos. Thanks to Peter King, Bill Diehl, Rhoda Aronson,
& Bob Gibson for sending the pictures.


MAY 16, 2015

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(l-r) Betsy Aaron, Stephani Shelton, Peter King

(l-r) Mervin Block, Peter King

Pat Millman (standing), Bob Lape, Betsy Aaron (seated)

(l-r) Wes Vernon, Wes Vernon Jr, Elizabeth Hainstock, Peter King,
Stephani Shelton, Bob Leeder

(l-r) Don Swaim, Mervin Block, Bill Diehl

(l-r) Peter King, Walt Wheeler

(l-r) Ed Silverman, Bob Lape, Betsy Aaron

(l-r) Bill Diehl, Bob Gibson, Lee Harris, Bob Kimmel, Gary Press (back turned)

(l-r) Roy Whitfield, Bob Gibson, Bob Kimmel, Gary Press

I know a lot of you were left out of this gallery.
Apologies. Will try to make it up next time. --DS.

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