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Steve Baltin (Copy, Assignment Editor, CBS News, Radio) 8/28/06.

Hi Don: Dave Saviet (a longtime CBS Radio tech and currently a Central Control supervisor)...emailed your website to me. It sure brings back memories.

I'm still at the CBS News Radio's been nearly 27 years since I left WCBS. I produced the World News Roundup for more than 20 years with Dallas Townsend, Reid Collins, Bill Lynch (once upon a time assistant News Director at WCBS) and Christopher Glenn. Lately I've been producing news updates, doing interviews and serving as a Copy and Assignment Editor.

I fondly remember my nearly six year stint at 88. You probably remember the time when Dave Nelson (then the 88 VP) didn't like the presentation of an anchor working a summer vacation shift...called Lou Adler...who called me to get him off the air. And Don, if you'll recall I handed you the 9am headlines and during a commercial at 8:58...walked in to tell the anchor to exit (sorry, right now I can't remember his name)...and you sat down and did the headlines and the 9-10 hour.

There are so many memories...I look forward to being put on your email list...and would love to attend your next get-together.

Steve Baltin

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