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Don Blair (former WCBS anchor-reporter & author of Splashdown: NASA and the Navy) 8/30/04

Don, If I haven't said it before.....congratulations on that News88 website. As George Bush has're doing a heckuva job. You know what happened to the FEMA dude after that. excellent and enjoyable product. The inclusion of the pics from this last event....the 40th anniversary....very, very nice. Keep up the good work. By the way....he said seeking blatant self-promotion....any room on that site for an early-70s 88 veteran with a published book in hand?

[NOTE: Don Blair is the author of Splashdown: NASA and the Navy -- Turner Publishing. Eyewitness account of the Apollo spaceship splashdowns. Order direct from]

Which begs the question....any other published author in our Black Rock past? Rita Sands looked just great in those recent photos. Went on to become, as I said to Bob Leeder, only the best anchorwoman I ever heard. Don Blair, Venice, Florida

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