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Don Blair (former WCBS anchor-reporter & author of Splashdown: NASA and the Navy) 6/24/09

The archives you (and others?) have put together are priceless... especially for a nostalgia nut like myself... but aren't we all? We know what it was like and what it is today and we are thankful to have been in it when it still had a touch of quality and integrity. a publisher named TASCHEN has contacted me to ask permission to use one of my photos from our book Splashdown, NASA and the Navy, in a re-issue of that book. Permission granted... nice fee on its way as the book just went to press within the past several weeks. Apollo 11, the gift that keeps on giving... for yours truly at any rate. I continue to enjoy lecture cruises world-wide, once or twice a year and these didn't even start until the mid 1990's... decades after the slides I have built those lectures on were taken in the Atlantic, Pacific and elsewhere. Two black and white photos I took after the A-11 trio was safely on board the Hornet are special and I continue to duplicate them, put them in attractive folders and send them out to friends. One is the Command Module itself... as it was being pulled in to a Hornet aircraft elevator, the other my pure one-of-a-kind shot of Neil in the quarantine trailer picking at a ukelele late that night... July 24th.

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In July, the wife and I will once again walk the decks of the USS Hornet, a docked floating museum in Alameda, CA. Buzz Aldrin will be there and it will be a three-day festival.

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