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Steve Bousquet (Tallahassee, FL, Bureau Chief, St. Petersburg Times) 1/7/06.

Don: I just found your site. What a treasure! Let me tell you a quick story. I was a young radio reporter in R.I., attending the University of Rhode Island in the mid-70s, working at a little station in beautiful Wickford, R.I., WKFD (500w) then co-owned by Lou Adler. My dream was to get to WCBS and Lou got me there to audition for a writer's job in 1976. As luck would have it, on the day I went to Black Rock, NBC was shutting down its News and Information Service (NIS) and I didn't get the job -- though I did get to meet Gary Maurer and Rita Sands. I moved to TV for nine years, then newspapers, and am now capital bureau chief of the St. Petersburg Times in Tallahassee. Believe it or not, WCBS comes in like gangbusters down here.

When I was in junior high, my mother would listen to WCBS in the morning, and the voice I will always connect with that time in my life is Steve Porter.

Thanks so much for preserving the great history of a great radio station.

Steve Bousquet

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