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David Briggman, Keezletown, Virginia, 12/22/06

I love your WCBS Appreciation Site! My name is Dave Briggman and I live down in Keezletown, Virginia...I'm 43 and I've been a fan of AM radio, especially WCBS, WTOP, et al., since I was growing up in Washington...WTOP was my radio station there since I was about 8 when other kids were listening to music. OK...I'm a geek. Anyhow, I also met Doug Spero, formerly of WCBS when he was News Director at our local TV station...I wanted the jingle package at WCBS from the early-mid 90s...Doug hooked me up with Bill Tynan who directed me to Axcess Broadcasting...I called them on the phone a couple of years back and that burned me a CD containing the full packages for WCBS, KNX and WWJ...would you be interested in me emailing those to you?Best regards and Merry Christmas, Dave Briggman

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