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J. Barry Bulat (long-time listener) 7/3/07

I need to start with a sincere Thank You! for placing all the wonderful sound clips on your website. I grew up with WCBS newsradio 88, and woke up every morning for years to Jim Donnelly and Robert Vaughn at 7:00 to start my school day. I was especially grateful to this day to have had the pleasure of listening to the network newscast of Charles Osgood at 7 and 9 everyday weekday for more years than I can remember. He always ended the 6 minute newscast with a humorous and original story that I looked forward to each day, that continuing well into my adult life and my ride to work each morning.

My father, who passed away this past February, would keep WCBS on the radio all day long as he tinkered in the garage, also looking forward to being kept informed by the most professional newscasters in the business. Not a day would go by without my hearing the familiar "jingle" at the top of the hour, that I so miss today.

Now, over 35 years later, I still listen to WCBS newsradio 880 each and everyday, knowing I will be given the days headlines by the most professional news men and women in the business today.

I have always dreamed of meeting some of the great people of CBS news, especially a man I still idolize today, Charles Osgood. I rarely miss "Sunday Morning", always looking forward to Charles and his bow tie, and all the wonderful stories he brings to us all every Sunday. I still get a tear in my eye when he closes with "see you on the radio".

You have all brought us all so many years of exceptional journalism, please keep up the good work.

Barry Bulat

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