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Sherry Cener (My Years at WCBS 88) 7/26/06

Hi Don. My name is Sherry Cener and I am still a CBS employee going on 38 years now.

I started my first job at WCBS Newsradio 88 in April 1969 working in the Traffic Department when I was just 18 years old. I worked with Bill Townley who left to join CBS records (he hired me) and then Jean Hebor, Eddie Geis and Jack Bilby. I remember walking in while the anchors were "on the air" to give them new commerical copy to read...and I thought wow this is SHOW BIZ..... and to this day I still say that was my favorite job at CBS....reading all the names on your website, really brought back memories to me.....and sad to hear of some losses. But it was the best time working there.

I am now a Manager of Daytime Sales Coordination still in Black Rock.....after working for a few years also in the BC in Operations.

Reading through all this stuff really sent me down memory lane.

I do remember you in the Newsroom, but doubt if you remember me.

Just thought I would say hello.

PS. I got my drivers license. I went and bought my first car a 1969 Red Plymouth Valiant and had vanity plates as my initials SFC 88......and had the decals they used at the station on my windows... I thought I was a big ...To this day when the elevator stops on 16 I have those fond memories, but of course the floor is now occupied by an outside company. Those were certainly the "good ole days."

Sherry Cener

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