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Barry Decker (listener) 12/01/08

Just want to say you did a real nice job on this site, Don. Lots of nice memories.

I grew up listening to this station as a kid in the Bronx. My earliest recollection is listening thru the night around '75 or 76 as Hurricane Belle went thru the area. I was hooked ever since.

It's amazing how you associate the voices on the radio with different times & events in your life.

Throughout my school years I remember waking up to Lou Adler & Jim Donnelly. In the afternoon it was Pat Parson & Ben Farnsworth.

When I heard Maurer's unique voice, I knew it was the weekend and would not have to rush out of the house early.

I used to love the special reports from CBS News... think they were called "Net Alerts" or something like that. Two that stand out particularly were the Iranian hostage rescue attempt in '80 and the assassination attempt on Reagan in '81. There were many others.

Compare that to today with multiple news networks broadcasting everything that happens (with no consideration as to whether or not it's newsworthy) 24/7. You get so much info overload that you become desensitized, and when something big happens it just does not have the same effect on you as it used to have.

I used to record a lot of the programming on cassette, especially the historical stuff. I wish I still had those tapes but eventually they got tossed or lost. I was always impressed by the production quality and the personalities of the staff.

Keep up the good work,

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