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Scott Fisher (former WCBS intern) 5/28/08

Hi, Don...

I'm sure you don't remember me, but I remember you. I was 18 in 1973, when Lou Adler hired me as an assistant to himself and Mike Ludlum while I was home for the summer from Ithaca College. It was about my third day... maybe June 8, and I raced out at the end of the day to catch a train back to my hometown of Greenwich, CT. The train engineer had a little too much that day, missed a signal and crashed into another train stopped at Mt. Vernon. I was unhurt, though one person was killed, 40 plus were hospitalized, and 104 were injured. I ran to a pay phone and called in to the office. I was so new, no one was quite sure who I was. Tina Press ordered the team to wait until a wire carried something indicating a problem in Mt. Vernon. When it came, she put me on live with Robert Vaughn. Later, I gave some audio to the network. Talk about an unforgettable day for a kid! I was in at around 4am the next day, a Saturday, and you were producing. You were all grins for me as you recalled how long it had taken for you to make your first network report while I had made it on the third day at CBS! It was a pretty exciting time for me.

I returned the following year and did the same stuff for Bill Lynch... office work four days a week and fishing reports, golf waiting times, etc., on the weekends. (I still remember "Capt. Teddy" in Montauk Point.) I've now been in radio for 36 years... Rochester, Cincinnati, Miami, Salt Lake City. I've been in Salt Lake now since 1982. My wife's in the Legislature, and I have a son in the business.

Anyway, I found your site with a lot of familiar names of people who were very kind to me early on. It was a great opportunity. I'm glad to see Lou is still with us.

Best regards, Scott Fisher, Salt Lake City

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