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Stephen Fleay (Indonesia, former CBS News stringer, Netherlands) 9/3/07

Just stumbled across your website whilst checking out a few former "colleagues" at particular Larry McCoy [NOTE: technically, McCoy headed the radio network news desk, not local] ...belated thanks Larry for your wonderful support and encouragement during my times as a feelance (stringer) for CBS in the Netherlands from 1984 onwards.

It has always been a delight to have that prelim phone chat with CBS personnel about news events, even more so when first based here in Indonesia where the English language is not so common. Just to let those CBS'ers know that I've not forgotten them, and they are welcome to come over to Bandung (a pleasant spot in the highlands of Java) for a holiday anytime. We're safe and sound here, and the smiles are real. The food..."delicious"!!!

All the best from Bandung,


(former freelance news correspondent for CBS in the Netherlands, Thailand and Indonesia)

Stephen J Fleay
Jalan Padasaluyu Selatan No 5
Setiabudi Bandung
Indonesia 40153
tel 62 22 2000236
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gsm 62 81 1967443
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