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Greg Forbach (former technician, WCBS) 3/10/05

Hi Don, I don't know if you remember me. I worked with you and the others at Newsradio 88 as a tech from 1970 to 1974. I can see this web site is a labor of love for you. Your incredible site brings some great memories of a great part of my life. Especially the great voices I had the honor to work with. It seems today a lot of the radio voices sound wimpy and weak compared to the radio voices of yesteryear, Bob Vaughn, Palmer Payne, Jim Donnelly, Bob Glenn, ETC.

Is there any way of getting in touch with the others that I used to work with? Gary Maurer, Ray Sills, Maurice St. Cyr, Jack Shnor, George Seelinger, Joe Canda, Irv Elias, and Jerry Jaick (I hope I am spelling them right) just too name a few. Is there an employee email list? If they or the others read this, please email me.

Just wondered where the path of life has taken them.

As for me, I escaped from Queens NY in 1983 and have made Atlanta GA my home since then and became a granddad (as they call them down south) 3 years ago.

If they would like to contact me I'm at jsmnow at

A Million Thanks, Gregg Forbach

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