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Todd Glickman (WCBS meterologist) 6/14/07

Great to see the photo on the Web site! In fact, I have a copy hanging as a part of a montage in my house. The exact date of the photo is Sunday, April 26, 1981. WCBS's two-year contract with Weather Services Corporation (Norm Macdonald weekdays, Todd Glickman weekends) ended that date, and I was in the studio live for my "last" shift. Craig Allen's tenure began the next day, and I've been lucky enough to work for him as as fill in ever since... yikes... over 28 years on News(radio)-88(0)!

Here's the background on the picture. After two years of being on-air each weekend by phone, and never meeting Gary Maurer in person, I arranged with Allegra the following: She told Gary "her cousin" was in town, and wanted to sit in the studio to watch. The tech was in on the joke, and at 6:06am, time for my first weathercast, the tech told Gary, "Todd's on -64!" Gary intro'ed me, and sitting right next to him, I punched the mic button and started my wxcast. He started to lunge for the mic button, but then realized who I was! He was laughing so hard, he had to crawl under the console. Gary and I had a great laugh over that story at his retirement party 25 years later.

Warm regards,
Todd Glickman
Associate Director, Office of Corporate Relations
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Certified Broadcast Meteorologist
WCBS Newsradio-880
New York City, NY

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