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Dan Hanley (former desk assistant), 12/21/06.

Hi Don, What a great site you have, really interesting.Wanted to say hello, I knew you back in 1968 when I worked as a desk assistant for wcbs newsradio 88 in NY while I was attending college.. Was a great place to work -- Ed Bradley RIP, Ed Joyce (always wanted me to bring him cans of tuna from the 'Carnegie' deli), Marv Friedman, Terry Sullivan the madman as editor, Lou Adler who got pissed off at me for smoking my little cigars in the broadcast studio~!.. Joe Dembo was the manager. And who can forget Jerry Levin who had good talent and a short fuse. I always worked with him at the station in 1970 when we did our 'Mr. Assistant' stunt to help early 'shame on you' type of thing, I always wondered what happened to him after he was held prisoner in Lebanon...and of course Charlie Osgood who exhibited early prima donna skills...yeh, Dick Reeves was the book guy who always let me plunder the many books he got on a daily basis.
Bye for now..happy holidays
Dan Hanley, Director of Research
606 Post Rd. East Room 707
Westport, CT 06880
(O) 203.221.7139 (fax) 508.629.8455

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