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Jerry Jaick (former WCBS technician) 4/27/06

I am so glad I surfed around the retirees web site and found you! I'm very proud of the time I spent at Newsradio 88 and tell anyone that will listen what a very talented group I worked with in radio. It was great to see the pictures you posted of the luncheon especially of Dave Atherton, John Lancellotti and of course yourself.

As for me I went to TV in '77 and was the audio man at local TV; then the morning news and then network news finally ending up in sports. I moved to Cape Coral, FL in '94 where I still live and retired in 2000 from CBS after 33 years.

I worked for the PGA Senior Tour four three more years with Bob Brown who took a job with them as VP for Remote Engineering and am now RETIRED!

Please give my regards to everyone that remembers me and my email address. As I said before my first ten years were the BEST.


[Note from Don: I generally code posted email addresses to protect them from spam. Clicking on Jerry's name should open up an email message box directly to Jerry. Please let me know if it doesn't work.]

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