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John Landers (Brooklyn listener), 1010 WINS MUSIC SURVEY, 7/30/11.

Growing up in the tri-state area in the 60s and 70s, a Saturday ritual for myself and many other kids was to head down to our local record shops (yes at one time there were stores that sold records) and pick up the weekly WABC Musicradio song survey. My trek in Brooklyn was to Mel's Record Rack at The Junction which was where Flatbush and Nostrand Avenues intersected.

The weekly WABC surveys were by far the more popular of the free fliers amongst our loyal transistor radio group. I proudly lay claim to having pestered the store's owner Mel sufficiently making sure that in addition to the weekly WABC survey he also had the weekly 1010 WINS music survey on hand. For radio memorabilia collectors locating a hard copy of a 1010 WINS weekly record survey is close to impossible. For some strange reason people held on to the WABC surveys but not to the WINS surveys. Keep in mind WABC maintained its music format for some 17 years after WINS switched to all news.

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When this survey was current, WINS was owned by Group W - Westinghouse Broadcasting and would soon become the sworn enemy of WCBS Newsradio 88 [which began in 1967] for over 30 years. Today, WINS is a proud member of the CBS Radio family and as such I would like to share with you a scan of both sides of an actual 1010 WINS survey [above] from their final year of music 1965. WINS would switch to all-news eight weeks after this survey was released.

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