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Robert Leeder (CBS Board Chairman) 12/10/07


I was delighted to see the turnout that we had at the Dec. 8, 2007, CBS "Board Meeting" in Teaneck, and it gave me a lot of pleasure to see how much each and everyone seemed to be enjoying himself or herself. Many people were kind enough to come up to me to thank me for trying to continue these events which, they told me, they really enjoy. A number of people sent regrets:

Bob, Wish I was....but Florida and NYC area luncheons don't often work out. One day I'll get there. Enjoyed listening to Cameron Swayze on news88 yesterday while driving down to Virginia from my brother's in Jersey He sounds better than ever. Guess he'll never retire because then what would he do? Don Blair....wcbs...73 and 74.

Bob, I'd love to make this one but I've got to be in Seattle the weekend of Dec.8th and 9th for a PBS TV show that I'm co-hosting. Hopefully the weather will cooperate...always iffy at this time of the year. Please give my regards to all...I'll shoot for the spring gathering. All the best, Bill Diehl

Hi Bob, I waited this long to get my kids' basketball schedules, hoping the games would be early enough for me to attend your luncheon, but unfortunately they are not. Sorry I cannot attend -- I always enjoy our get-togethers. Hopefully I'll see you at the next one. Wayne Cabot

Hi, Bob, I know you are looking for RSVP's, but this is not it. I just wanted to let you know for certain that I can NOT make it to the luncheon. But please extend my greetings to those who do appear. Dan Streeter

Bob....alas I am in sunny Fla. and will not be able to make the lunch. I really am sorry to miss this to all.....Dick Shepard

Bob, Can't make it for this one but hope to see you all in the spring. Mitchell Krauss

Hi Bob: I would love to make the luncheon but will be in Florida, hope all is well on your end. Best, George Kalman

Bob; One of these days I'll make it there. Unfortunately, December 8th won't be it! Look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing about it as always, and thank for inviting me. Best, Peter King

Hey Bob....sorry to be late with answer....can't make this luncheon cause me daughter is giving birth to 1st baby that week. See you next time! Russ Perrine

Hello, Bob: Sorry, I won't be able to attend the December 8th get-together -- prior commitments. Please give my regards to all. Thanks, Harvey Hauptman

Bob: Unfortunately I won't be able to make the December 8th luncheon. Please give my best holiday wishes to all. Have a great time. Ed Ingles

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