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Larry McCoy (former News Director, CBS News, Radio) 7/17/07

I worked for CBS News, Radio in New York for nearly 20 years and the fools even made me a manager for a while. I'm looking for someone who may have (or who may know someone who may have) a copy of a broadcast Allan Jackson did on May 16, 1972, the day after George Wallace was shot. Jackson in those days did an early morning broadcast --sometime before 8 a.m. and the Roundup --and it may have been called First Line Report or something like that.

Why do I want a copy? I've been writing some essays about my experiences in news and radio. In one of them I mention being called in to work a sixth day on May 16th to help Jackson with this broadcast. I wrote a long, windy, pointless diatribe about guns, and Allan Jackson took it, eliminated all the b.s. and hysteric and made something out of it. A craftsman at work. Thanks for your time.

UPDATE 7/28/07: It turns out the University of Wyoming has Allan Jackson's radio scripts, and I've found -- thanks to the help of David Jackson and an archivist at the university -- what I was looking for. Thanks for your help in publicizing my search. Best regards, Larry McCoy

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