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MARK MONSKY, LONG TIME TV EXEC AND FORMER WCBS STAFFER, IS DEAD. 6/27/06. Monsky, creator of "Hard Copy," was also News Director at WNBC-TV and WNEW-TV.

I'm sorry to report the death of former New York City News Director MARK MONSKY. During his career, Mark was ND at WNBC and WNEW-TV, and he also served a stint as VP/News for the NBC o-and-o's. Mark also created the syndicated program Hard Copy for Paramount. He died last week of cancer.
Rick Gevers

From: Louis Freizer
RE: Mark Monsky
What many of you don't know about Mark Monsky is that, at first, he worked for us at WCBS Radio News before he went into television. At the time it was Mark Von Monsky.
Mark was admired and respected by so many in New York that he had the guts--as he told it--to ask for and receive the name of an abortionist for a friend from a New York State judge who at the time was cracking down on the then illegial abortions. Mark and his wife, Beverly, gave me and my wife a treasured wedding gift, a sterling silver traditional German wedding cup from Cartier engraved with our names and wedding date. So, while Mark was considered to be a "pushy" go getting New York journalist, he was a respected "old" New Yorker of the now disappearing classical school.
Our love for and thoughts of Beverly.
Louis & Michele Freizer
Senior Executive Producer Emeritis WCBS Radio News-New York City

From: Don Swaim
In the late 1960s, Mark Monsky worked in tape ops at WCBS Radio. News Director Ed Joyce (later President, CBS News) once described Monsky as "the best reporter on the staff."

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